No Bueno Taco Bell

What’s up fellow foodies! Today was not a very good day for this foodie. I went to Taco Bell earlier today to grab a bite to eat and I’m paying for it in the worst way. In a way, I brought it on myself.

I ordered the #11 combo, Doritos Locos Taco Supreme in Cool Ranch with a Baja Blast. I’ve ordered this in the past so I didn’t think it was a big deal. When I was finally able to dive into my tacos, I noticed they didn’t smell right; they didn’t taste right either. Still, like a fool, I ate them any way because I was hungry. That was dumb. Why did I do that????


About two hours later, I started feeling nauseous so I chewed two Nauzene tablets. Soon after that, my stomach started cramping and bubbling. Can you guess what I’m dealing with now? Explosive diarrhea! I’ve been rocking my toilet hard!!!! I know, I know too much information, but I’m trying to save y’all from making the same foolish mistake I did. I’m a prime example of when being greedy goes terribly wrong. I knew better!

I’ve learned my lesson, trust me. Never again. No matter how hungry I am, if the food don’t taste right, I’m not going to eat it. You don’t want to be paying for it later like I am. Y’all pray for me. It’s bad!!! Ooooh weeeee it’s bad. SMH. Taco Bell, you did me dirty today.

The Foodie Hunter